Logistic Services

1) I’m starting to offer an export service now, so if you have a box you need sent to the US, the charge is $10 dollars/box+the amount the US courier (UPS, FedEx, USPS, etc.) charges to deliver your package from Laredo to its final destination.


2) I’m not able to transport large, bulky items, due to space limitations in my vehicle. For example, I wouldn’t be able to bring back to Lakeside a gas grill, a big overstuffed chair, or a trunk, etc.


3) I consolidate all items, so I take them out of their original packaging and discard this packaging at my consolidator’s place in Laredo.


4) The charge to receive a box in Laredo is $15 US dollars/box + my consolidator’s fee. My consolidator charges $1-3/box (the cost would exceed $3 dollars if it’s a large box) to receive and store it, so the total would normally range from $16-18 dollars/box to have it delivered at Lakeside.

The above total applies to a box that weighs up to 20 lbs. If it exceeds 20 lbs, an extra $4 dollars will be charged for each additional increment (full or partial) of 10 lbs. For example, a 26 lb package would be charged $4 dollars extra, while a 34 lb package would be charged $8 dollars extra.


5) Books/DVDs/CDs=$10 dollars/package + the consolidator’s fee. Up to 6 books, DVDs, CDs, or combination per package, otherwise same cost as a regular package.


6) If you decide to order something and have it shipped to Laredo, I’ll need for you to keep me informed by way of emailing me Purchase Orders so that I can keep tabs of what will be arriving to the border. Also, since the words “big and bulky” could be open to interpretation, if you have a doubt about the size and/or weight of an item and whether it can be shipped to the order address, please advise me before you order it so that I can give the thumbs up or down, whatever the case might be.


7) All people who order items and have them sent to my Laredo address are responsible for tracking their items until they arrive to my consolidator’s address, at which time the courier’s website should display the date of the delivery and the name of the person who signed for the package(s). It appears that vendors aren’t as reliable as they used to be in the past and sometimes fail to ship the complete order of the purchaser. Oftentimes, the purchaser will assume that his whole order has shipped and been delivered, without verifying all the details, then ask me on the delivery date in Ajijic where’s their other box(es), to which I’ll reply that they need to contact their vendor; when they do, they’ll usually find that the vendor failed to ship out the whole order. When this happens, the purchaser will usually have to wait another full month to receive their missing item(I normally go to Laredo once/month). To avoid this frustration, I strongly suggest that each purchaser track every single item of their order til he/she gets delivery confirmation in Laredo.


8) The next cutoff date for all items to arrive to Laredo is close of business on the 5thof Oct., 2015(for example). All items arriving to the border after this date will have to be stored for an indefinite amount of time til I make my next border run (4rd week of Oct. approx.)


9) Here’s my Laredo address:


“Your Name” C/O Alex Peterson

1220 Matamoros Street, Suite #1847

Laredo, Texas



*It’s extremely important that your shipper include my name and the Suite #. If neither my name nor the Suite # is listed on the box, then my consolidator won’t know for whom (amongst his 100s of clients) the box is intended for. He even has a sign in his establishment stating that if a box arrives without a Suite #, he can’t be responsible for its delivery to the correct client.



10) The maximum effort is made at the border so that no duties will be owed on any of the items being crossed into Mexico. Ours is a fairly new service and we’ve brought items into Mexico for the last 12 months, with no duty having to be paid each time. However, as the saying goes: Past success doesn’t always guarantee future success 100% of the time. If, in the highly unlikely event your product is reviewed and obligated to pay the Mexican Customs Tax(in Spanish it’s called the IVA tax), this tax amount is 16% and is applied to the value of your item. A person would pay $16 dollars on an item whose value is $100 dollars. We’d pay this amount for you and expect reimbursement from you when we deliver your item(s); this is why I ask that you email me the Purchase Orders for all of the items you’ve ordered – if your item is obligated to pay the tax, a printed out copy of your purchase order will be shown to Mexican Customs to substantiate its dollar value.


11) Once all items have been transported to Lakeside, I’ll send out an email blast to everyone who’s placed an order, advising them of the date and time to meet me on the north side of the AjijicWalmart parking lot (inside the lot, near the carretera) so that their item(s) can be delivered on a COD basis.


Best Regards,


Alex Peterson

331 753 8151

333 577 7765

Note: The address I listed above is a business and is open to receive packages M-F during normal business hours and open til 1 p.m. on Saturdays. My consolidator’s phone # in Laredo is 956 722 0850 in case your shipper needs it.